Category Product Name Standard CAS No. Remarks
Medicinal oils series Soybean Oil CP/USP 8001-22-7 CDE registration No.F20209990540,status “A”
Medicinal oils series Purified Olive Oil(For Injection) USP/EP 8001-25-0 CDE registration No.Y20190000997,status “A”
Medicinal oils series Structured Triglyceride Enterprise Standard -- R&D
Medicinal oils series Purified Fish Oil USP/EP 8016-13-5 R&D
Medicinal oils series Sodium Oleate(For injection) Enterprise Standard 16558-02-4 CDE registration No.F20220000120
Medicinal oils series Soybean Oil for Injection CP/USP/EP 8001-22-7 CDE registration No.Y20190000635,status “A”
Medicinal oils series Medium Chain Triglycerides CP/USP/EP 65381-09-1 CDE registration No.Y20200001227,status “A”
Medicinal Phospholipids series Purified Egg lecithin / Egg Phospholipids CP/USP/EP 93685-90-6 CDE registration No.F20190001049,status “A”,DMF#35483
Medicinal Phospholipids series Egg Phosphatidyl Choline CP 93685-90-6 CDE registration No.F20170000086,status “A”
Medicinal Phospholipids series Polyene Phosphatidyl Choline Enterprise Standard 8002-43-5 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series Cholesterol(For injection) CP 57-88-5 CDE registration No.F20170000625,status “A”
Medicinal Phospholipids series DSPE Enterprise Standard 1069-79-0 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series DOPE Enterprise Standard 4004-05-1 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series EPG Enterprise Standard 383907-64-0 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series DSPC Enterprise Standard 816-94-4 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series DOPC Enterprise Standard 4235-95-4 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series Sphingomyelin/SM Enterprise Standard 383907-87-7 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series DSPG-Na Enterprise Standard 200880-42-8 R&D
Medicinal Phospholipids series DPPG-Na Enterprise Standard 67232-81-9 R&D
Oncology APIs Vincristine Sulfate CP/USP/EP/IP 2068-78-2 CDE registration No.Y20190009906,status “A”,DMF#18579
Oncology APIs Vinblastine Sulfate CP/USP/EP/IP 143-67-9 CDE registration No.Y20190007637,status “A”
Oncology APIs Vinorelbine Tartrate CP/USP/EP/IP 125317-39-7 CDE registration No.Y20190006188,status “A”,DMF#25783
Oncology APIs Vindesine Sulfate CP/EP 59917-39-4 CDE registration No.Y20190007636,status “A”
Cardiovascular APIs Methyl Hesperidin National Drug Standard 11013-97-1 CDE registration No.Y20190007574,status “A”
Cardiovascular APIs Tolperisone Hcl National Drug Standard 3644-61-9 CDE registration No.Y20190008322,status “A”
Cardiovascular APIs Metoprolol Tartrate CP 56392-17-7 CDE registration No.Y20190007575,status “A”
Cardiovascular APIs Trimetazidine Hcl CP 13171-25-0 CDE registration No.Y20190007374,status “A”
Anticholinergic APIs Scopolamine Hydrobromide CP 114-49-8 CDE registration No.Y20190001970,status “A”
Anticholinergic APIs Scopolamine Butylbromide CP/EP 149-64-4 CDE registration No.Y20190007630,status “A”
Others Propyl Gallate CP/USP/EP 121-79-9 CDE registration No.Y20190007577,status “A”
Others Bifonazole CP 60628-96-8 CDE registration No.Y20190007629,status “A”
Others Clotrimazole CP 23593-75-1 CDE registration No.Y20190007626,status “A”
Functional additive Eggyolk oil Enterprise Standard 8001-17-0 --
Functional additive Egg Protein Powder Enterprise Standard -- --
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